Improving your Dining Services Department with FMG’s Unique Programs


The food your facility serves sends a message and you want it to be the right one, which is why FMG has developed special programs for the patients and staff.  We are able to offer the kind of superior dining experience that will be enthusiastically received.


No other food and dining management services program comes close to FMG in scope or service.  It is the ultimate action plan for delivering delicious, quality, nourishing, imaginative meals to residents, patients, staff, guests and the public.  What’s more, it allows you to remain in total charge of our dining department and keep our brand image.


A flexible, cooperative approach to meeting your goals


In brief, FMG is the integration of our advanced systems into a comprehensive management instrument that dramatically improves the running of your dining department.  But above all it offers great flexibility in meeting your dining operation’s unique challenges.  Instead of trying to fit your facility’s operation into a generic food service mode like our competitors, FMG offers a highly individualized, made-to-order approach.


An immediate impact on workforce performance


With FMG you will see an immediate change in your workforce. No matter what combination of dining department staffing (your people, ours, or a combination of both); we give them the training to do their best, driving their actions in the pursuit of excellence.        

It can save you dollars and improve your food and service. 

Room Service Menu: FMG has developed a total Room Service Menu and order system giving our clients the latest food and serving capabilities.

Cycle Menu...FMG's Three week menu cycle provides customers with variety, local preferences, nutritional balance and choice.  The menu changes monthly to reflect seasonal differences.  A sample copy of a three week's cycle is included in the appendices.  Our food service managers adapt this cycle menu to the preferences of each of our clients.

Inventory Control...The "Ordering/Receiving Inventory Control" in FMG’s Software System with bar code availability with pricing updated from our vendor’s daily.

Visual Panning and Plating Guides...All salads, fruit plates, entrees, cold sandwiches and desserts on FMG's menus are photographed and numbered to coincide with recipe cards.  When employees prepare a menu they have a recipe to follow and a picture guide which shows exactly how that product should appear when presented for sale or serving.

Counter Merchandising Guide...A variety of counter merchandising techniques has been developed for each point of service, i.e., Sandwich, Entree, Salad, Breakfast and Dessert stations.  Photographs of these include step-by-step approaches to counter set-up and merchandising.

The foodservice industry provides an opportunity as no other industry for creativity and innovation.  It demands flexibility and change from those who participate in it.  New trends, new methods, new concepts are introduced every day.

FMG has grown through its twenty five plus years by operating on the leading edge of these new trends and concepts.

We have developed a program to answer specific needs of hospitals throughout the United States.  These programs can be introduced by FMG with great success.  We leave the final selection of programs to the clients and stand by to implement whatever the client chooses.

We respond to each area and need with AN ATTITUDE OF EXCELLENCE!!

Consider Outsourcing?

Food Management Group, Inc. 

Each FMG program has a universal characteristic:  Quality.  Every task we perform, every system we implement is designed to bring quality to our customers.

FMG's Quality Food Service Program

Our consistently good tasting and attractively merchandised food is the result of a program of planning management.  The foundation of this program includes manuals and systems which cover FMG's standards for every conceivable operational procedure.  The major elements are included in the following pages.

Purchasing Standards...To ensure consistent high quality in the food. We serve all foods are purchased according to FMG specifications and standards.  You will not find higher quality standards anywhere in the foodservice industry.

Pre-Tested Recipes...Each item in FMG's recipe file has been tested by our corporate recipe development chef, a taste panel, and in actual field units to determine the item's popularity and any regional variations required.  The recipe file provides information on ingredients and standardized by the FMG Software to the exact quantities needed from 1 to 100 servings.

Pre-costed Cycle Menus...FMG menus are pre-costed daily to assure attainment of forecasted goals.  Pre-costing tells the manager and client the cost of each menu item before being served, and it works because of adherence to standardized recipes.  This module of the program allows us to change the preferences and cost the menu at any time.

Daily Production Records...FMG managers keep daily production records on all items served.  These records include three important statistics:

·            How many of each individual item were prepared?

·            How many were forecasted?

·            How many were overproduced?

Daily Production Records track other factors which may have influenced each day's sales, i.e., climatic conditions, number of shifts, etc.  By constantly comparing servings produced to servings served, your unit manager will be able to make sure that we always produce the correct amount.

Portion Control...Each counter attendant and line server is instructed as part of the pre-service briefing as to the:

·            Proper serving utensils

·            Correct dish

·            Correct portion