Craig P. Boudreaux, JR, Chief Executive Officer

​Mr. Boudreaux brings to Food Management Group, Inc 30 years of healthcare experience at the highest level.  Craig has operated hospitals and hospital systems at the executive level for over 28 years. 

Mr. Boudreaux is a leader in deploying emerging technologies and industry trends designed to expand market share.  Proven ability to lead organization through turnaround, critical startup, and growth strategies  and extensive national experience with for profit publicly traded companies.   

Mr. Boudreaux joined Food Management Group, Inc to accept the challenge of bringing sound healthcare food services practices with a small batch cooking from scratch approach coupled with emerging and disruptive technology that emphasizes health and ecological friendly programs and systems. 

Joy Rayburn, Registered Dietitian 

Ms. Joy Rayburn, RD, plays an important role assisting the C.E.O., Chief Operating Officer, Food Service Directors and the Registered Dietitians in reviewing standards and procedures, insuring optimum patient care. 

It is her responsibility to conduct quality control reviews and inspections in each facility.  These inspections have proven to be a valuable tool for the food service director in improving and maintaining the highest standards of service and develop innovative training for employees. 

She is experienced in all phases of special diets, administration, patient service and nutrition care.

Brenda Pope, Chief Financial Officer

Brenda has over 25  years experience in financial management.  She began her career in the private business sector, gathering experience with various healthcare clients.  Shifting focus, she managed the financial and IT operations for American Tape & Video.  Before joining FMG Brenda held financial positions in both the food service and medical billing industry. 

Thomas D. Witten, President and Chairman of the Board

T. David Witten, President of FMG is responsible for overseeing the total operations of FMG.  He is involved in the day-to-day operation of the company.  He brings his expertise to the forefront in developing new programs to be utilized in each FMG facility and establishing national purchasing programs to include the new concept of "branding" in hospitals.

Dave consistently works to improve programs and systems to upgrade the service to existing and future clients.

He brings a background in food service management in the healthcare industry.  As CEO he spearheaded the development of FMG from concept to implementation.  Prior to the development of FMG he was National Director of Canteen Corporation Healthcare Division. His leadership experiences include various executive level positions, consulting with international healthcare service firms and directing various operational and sales initiatives. He had a 15 year career with the Marriott Healthcare Division and 6 years with Canteen Corporation. 

Food Management Group, Inc. 

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