FMG provides our clients with an experienced management team with access to on-line systems and technology, and comprehensive staff support to manage our clients dining facilities.We remove the frustration of the critical functional areas that make up our client’s dining operation including procurement, human resources, retail venues, training, and nutrition services.Our optimization of the dining management provides consistently excellent food and superior service.


FMG is the industry leader providing food and management services. We are an organization totally dedicated to insure that the client’s dining programs operate smoothly and cost efficiently with a restaurant-quality dining experience to their customers.  Unlike other providers, FMG is able to provide our clients with the highest quality personal attention to deliver a truly customized solution.

Who We Are

Food Management Group, Inc. 



· Founded in 1985 to address food and dining management needs

· Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA

· Regional offices in Pittsburgh, Pa; Richmond, VA  and San Francisco CA

· Market segments served include Long-Term Acute Care, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 

  Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation, Physical Rehabilitation, Acute Care & Assisted Living Hospitals.

· Over 1,000 team members

· Nearly 60 clients in 19 states to include the District of Columbia and Alaska.

Now 20+ years old, FMG was formed  by a group of corporate foodservice professionals from every major foodservice company.  FMG was formed to give those individuals an opportunity to philosophically step back in time when "the customer was king, and service was personal and excellent"; to the days of pride in a job well done, pride in who you were and the product you produced.

FMG will not look at any of our clients as a number or a bonus at the end of the quarter; each facility is a living customer that needs attention to detail.  Excellent food and service, but most important of all an open and responsive management team, from the President to each and every employee, FMG is here to serve, and that's what we do best!  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers on a daily basis.

FMG has come a long way since l985.  Our markets have broadened, our company has grown, and our diversification has taken us into virtually every area of professional foodservice management.  To date, we have specialized in the areas of Senior Living, Assisted Living Facilities, Acute Care Hospitals, Psychiatric Rehab, Acute Physical Rehab and Alcohol and Drug Rehab in addition to Rehabilitative and Long-Term Care Facilities.   FMG is the leader in LTAC start ups.  Our programs and services are geared to providing excellent service to the patient & staff through the presentation of eye appealing food, quality service and cost effectiveness.


​•            T. David Witten, President and Chairman of the Board

•            Craig Boudreaux, Chief Executive Officer

•            Brenda Pope, Chief Financial Officer

•            Troy E. Irvin, District Manager​

•            Jimmy Cruz, District Manager

•            Andy Revella, Executive Chef

•            Joe Snyder, Director of IT

•            Nancy Hutt, Corporate Attorney

Value Proposition:

·         Restaurant quality dining experience

·      Implementation of an individually customized solution.

·      The Personal Touch – senior management participation in all aspects of our business

·      Proven training programs emphasizing relevant skills and operational procedures focused on improving outcomes and enhanced service and quality levels.

·      Culinary innovation and state-of-the-art dining programs to dramatically improve food quality, taste and appearance.

·      Improved levels of employee, guest, patient, resident satisfaction

·      Maximized revenues for retail and catering operations.

·      Competitive advantage and improved marketing of your future business.