Food Management Group, Inc. 

Information Technology 


Planning for the Future


FMG's information technology department understands the rapidly changing technology industry and is dedicated to providing quality information systems that benefit not only FMG, but the customer as well.  This page will identify the benefits of systems currently in place that will enable FMG to operate with a maximum amount of critical information to make the best decisions in producing a quality product at the best costs available.



In order to operate efficiently and provide value to our customer, all aspects of the customer environment must be taken into consideration.  It has been determined that a manager who is burdened by clerical work and inefficient systems will spend more time in the back office and less time out front taking care of the customer.  Our total system addresses this issue and has been designed to maximize management time.


THE FMG SYSTEM is an internet based, user friendly system, that has been developed to provide current and accurate operating information.  Additional benefits include the reduction of administrative work and the elimination of paperwork burdens for the unit operation. The FMG system is modular by design and includes Transfers, Accruals and Accounting, Food Production, Clinical Support, Preventive Maintenance, and Cleaning Schedules by Area.


The FMG system is used exclusively in all managed facilities and distributed to several hundred healthcare facilities through food distributor chains.